1. Basics

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Avoid having your customers wait in line to get in touch with an advisor. With Apizee Webcallback, your users have the opportunity to be reminded for free, immediately or by scheduling the call back on the niche of their choice.

Improve your customer service effectiveness and user experience with a brand-friendly solution that’s easy and quick to deploy.

Apizee Webcallback




  1. Introduction
  2. Key Features
  3. Getting Started Guide
  4. Installation
  5.  License and terms of use
  6. User Accounts
  7. Customization
  8. Monitoring
  9. Technical prerequisites


1. Introduction

This document describes the Apizee Webcallback solution for immediate or scheduled callback of users and its associated features.


2. Key features

Immediate call back

Immediate reminder of your users on the phone number of their choice.


Programmed reminder

Possibility to set slots to schedule the reminder during opening hours or on specific slots defined beforehand.


Customizable widget

Choice of the location of the reminder button, choice of design to adapt it to your graphic charter.


Statistics module

Statistics on the number of internet calls, successful calls, unanswered calls, duration of calls, callback deadlines …


Admin console

Module for managing profiles and user rights. Management of time slots and holidays.


International reminder

Ability to configure the Webcallback to any destination.


3. Start

In the User Guide section you will find the elements allowing you to use our solution.


4. Installation


Thanks to the technological base WebRTC our applications are 100% web and do not require any plugin or download on the main Internet browsers.

Our solution simply requires the use of a  compatible browser.


5. License & terms of use


You will find the legal notices here: Legal Notice.


6. User Accounts


To access the Apizee solution, you must have a user account.

The company administrator can very easily create and manage user accounts, within the limits of available licenses.

A role is assigned to each user, with specific rights (technician, expert, supervisor, administrator). Specific roles can also be created for your business.

You can find more information on creating users in the section  Administration.


7. Customization


Many options are at your disposal to allow you to customize our service and adapt it to your needs.

For more information, Contact us.


8. Monitoring


For more information, Contact us.


9. System Prerequisites


For minimum system requirements, please refer to our FAQ and more precisely in the following paragraphs:

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