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Izeeconf User Guide

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1. Log into your cloud.apizee.com account

2. Click on Conferences

3. Click on Schedule a conference

1. (a) Enter a valid email address or enter the name of a person in the directory (b or c)

2. And / or enter a phone number

3. Click on Next

1, 2, and 3. Choose the duration, date and time of the conference

4. Choose when to call back

1. Choose the invitation template by displaying the drop-down menu

2. Click on Next

3. Add a message to be inserted in the invitation

4. Click on Finalize

1. Click on Join conference

2. On the home page, click on Join Conference

3. To join the conference on video, click on the camera

1. Open the side panel to access the Settings.

2. Adjust the sound and video parameters by clicking on the drop-down menus to select the media.

3. Click on Apply.

4. Click on the Network tab

5. Configure the bandwidth and photo and video resolution options by clicking on the drop-down menus

6. Click on Apply

7. Click on the Advanced tab

8. Choose the language from the drop-down menu

9. Check or uncheck the activation of notifications during the conference

1. To cut the video, click on the camera

2. To mute the sound, click on the microphone

3. To change the camera, move the mouse over the video stream and click on the switch camera button

1. When a participant connects to the conference, they go through the waiting room. The organizer then sees the side panel open to inform him of the waiting participants

2. If several participants are waiting, the organizer can inform them of a delay, for example, by sending a general message to the waiting room. Click on Inform waiting room

3. The organizer can also send a message to a single participant by clicking on Message

4. Click on Accept to allow the participant to join the conference

1. On each stream received, it is possible to click on the Options button (top left) to have an action on the participant’s audio or video

2. Click on Mute to stop hearing the participant

3. Click on Cut video to no longer see the participant’s video stream

4. To mute a participant’s microphone, click on Deactivate this user. No participant will no longer receive user audio

5. To select another camera for the participant, click on Change camera

6. To drop a participant from the conference, click on Leave conference.

7. To access quality information, move the mouse over the network button

1. Open the side panel and click on the Participants tab

2. Click on Join by phone to communicate to the new participant the conference phone number as well as the DTMF code.

3. Click on Invite to join to send the conference link directly by email or SMS

4. It is also possible to Copy the link to transmit it by another means.

5. Click on Join in hands-free mode to invite a person who wishes

1. Move the mouse over the video stream to bring up the shooting button

2. Click on the round button to take a capture. The button turns red when the capture is in progress.

3. Open the side panel and click on the Sharing options tab

4. Open the Media Gallery

5. Click on the photo to view it larger

6. Click on the Pencil button to open the photo in the whiteboard

7. The whiteboard allows you to annotate the new media using different colors, shapes and line sizes

1. Open the side panel and click on the Sharing options tab

2. Click on Pointer sharing

3. Click on a participant’s video to make the pointer’s mark appear on the screen

4. To deactivate pointer sharing, click on Pointer sharing again

1. Click on the Screen Sharing quick access button

2. If a popup appears, click on Add to Chrome

3. Choose the screen to share by clicking on the relevant tab and click on Share

4. To stop screen sharing, click on Stop sharing

1. Open the side panel and click on the Sharing options tab

2. Click on File Sharing

3. Open the file to share

4. The file loads in the chat (4a). Click on the file to download it (4b)

1. Open the Actions menu of the moderator

2. Click on Conference recording

3. To choose the video streams to record, uncheck Record all streams and select the video stream (s) to record

Note: all audio streams are recorded automatically

4. Then click on Start video recording

5. To stop recording, click on Stop video recording

To find the recording see Retrieving the conference history

1. To quit the conference click on the quit button

1. At the end of the conference, choose a tag from the list of available tags by clicking on the +.

2. Click on Save

3. Tags allow you to refine your search in the cloud, by filtering by conference type. Open the Conferences menu to display the list of conferences

4. Click on Filters to display the different filters available

5. Click on the Tags field to pull down the tag menu and choose the tag (s)

6. Finally click on Apply

1. Go to cloud.apizee.com in the Conferences tab and click on Monitoring

2. Click on the View button to access the details of the conference

3. The conference instance allows you to find the date, time, participants, exchanged media, recordings and chat messages

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