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  1. Introduction
  2. Key features
  3. Start
  4. Installation
  5. License and terms of use
  6. User accounts
  7. personalization
  8. monitoring
  9. Terminology
  10. System requirements

1. Introduction

Izeeconf is a simple and immersive remote meeting solution, with quick one-click access for enriched collaboration between your teams and / or your customers, wherever they are and on all types of devices.


Join, present and manage your audio, video and web meetings instantly, from a meeting room, an office or any other location. With streaming, HD video, and collaboration, your virtual meetings are more productive than ever.

2. Key features


Multi-participant web conferences

Organize conferences for up to 12 participants with different sharing options.


Secure private conferences

Lock your virtual conference rooms for private meetings. Room settings allow you to set a password to join the web conference or set a waiting room for guests who are allowed to join the conference only after approval by the moderator.


Calendar synchronization

If you use Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo or Google Calendar, your meetings will be displayed in your calendar. Each appointment displays the name of the organizer, the invitation and the start time. You can also set reminders for you and your guests. At the time of your meeting, simply click on the link to open / join the conference room.


Collaborative tools

Share your documents, presentations and videos with one click thanks to screen sharing and file transfer. You can display your entire screen or a single application.

If necessary, you can also take photos remotely or access your media gallery and create annotations in real time.



Record the video, audio and exchanged media and find them later in your conference list.


Live streaming

Broadcast your conference and reach millions of people live with our integration of live YouTube streams.


3. Start

To get started, consult our user guides:

Izeeconf User Guide


4. Installation


Thanks to the WebRTC technological base, our applications are 100% web and do not require any plugin or download on the main Internet browsers.

Our solution simply requires the use of a  compatible browser.


5. License & terms of use


You will find the legal notice here: Legal notice.


6. User accounts


To access the Apizee solution, you must have a user account.

The company administrator can very easily create and manage user accounts, subject to the availability of licenses.

A role is assigned to each user, with specific rights (technician, expert, supervisor, administrator). Specific roles can also be created for your company.

You will find more information on creating users in the Administration section.


7. Personalization


Many options are available to allow you to customize our service and adapt it to your needs.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us: contact us .


8. Monitoring


For more information, contact us .


9. Terminology

Description of specific terms.

  • Waiting room

Room in which requests for participation in a conference arrive. It is accessible to the conference moderator

  • Moderator

User identified on the Apizee platform organizing a conference.

  • participant

User identified on the Apizee platform who participates in a conference, without being the moderator.

  • guest

Unidentified user participating in a conference

10. System requirements


For the minimum system requirements, please refer to our FAQ and more specifically to the following paragraphs:



1. Custom domain

Note: cloud.apizee.com or your domain name (url, internet address)

It is possible that your company or your project may benefit from a specific domain name. So instead of typing: cloud.apizee.com , you can type for example:  mycompany.apizee.com  or myproject.apizee.com or even cloud-sante.monpreneur.fr and get the same service and this potentially with personalization graphic or functional. This is why there may be differences between your product and our documentation.

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