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Health – Teleconsultation

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Apizee Health is a rapidly deployable telemedicine platform that enables practitioners, hospitals,  health structures, mutual insurance companies, companies and other health or occupational medicine organisations and structures to offer an installation-free solution that facilitates telemedicine between health professionals and their patients.


Apizee Health allows healthcare professionals to create a teleconsultation in less than two minutes. The patient receives an invitation to the teleconsultation by SMS or email. One click is all it takes to enter the teleconsultation room. Apizee Health is a 100% web-based solution, no downloading or registration required for the patient and a very easy and fast implementation for healthcare professionals. Thanks to the HD video and the various features proposed by Apizee Health, the practitioner can conduct a teleconsultation, take remote photos, transmit a prescription to the patient and bill the consultation.


Apizee Health enables healthcare professionals and patients to reduce travel, offers practitioners time savings and helps to relieve congestion in waiting rooms and emergency departments, and enables companies to offer new consultation modalities for occupational medicine.


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