1. Basics

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Apizee Diag is a video assistance and visual expertise solution that allows field users to collaborate in real time with remote agents on expertise, inspection, diagnostic or support issues. The field user shares in real time the flow of the camera from his smartphone, glasses, a connected headset or other video sources with the expert. The latter can take pictures, zoom in on the image, draw and share sketches. Media is recorded in the cloud and complements inspection reports.


The Apizee Diag solution preserves expert resources and optimizes the effectiveness of field interventions, generating very significant operational savings and providing real differentiation in terms of customer service. Its applications extend to remote maintenance of industrial sites, remote inspection in buildings and public works as well as tele-expertise in insurance and tele-diagnosis of health.


Apizee Diag Visio-assistance Visual assistance Field collaboration Collaboration terrain


      1. Introduction
      2. Key Features
      3. Start
      4. Installation
      5.  License and terms of use
      6. User Accounts
      7. Customization
      8. Monitoring
      9. Terminology
      10. Prerequisite system


1. Introduction

This document describes the Apizee Diag solution for visual assistance between expert technicians identified on the Apizee cloud platform and its associated functionalities.


2. Key features



Your field users benefit from a variety of interfaces tailored to their work environment and professional equipment.

The field user can start a conversation with the remote expert via an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

Apizee Diag is also compatible with:

  • Hands-free use thanks to the integration on glasses or connected headsets
  • ATEX smartphones and tablets for work in hazardous or explosive environments
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment such as HD cameras, endoscopes or borescopes
  • Drones

Video quality automatically adapts to bandwidth conditions and screen resolution.



The online portal provides access to a statistics module as well as recording conversations and media saved in the cloud to enrich a knowledge base or document an incident management system.

Inspection features allow users to:

  • Customize inspection checklists
  • Generate automatic inspection reports

Apizee Diag is compatible with CMMS, SAV or CRM software via APIs.




  • Remote photo shooting
  • Video pointer
  • Annotations and drawings
  • Geolocation of the media
  • Screen sharing by the expert

3. Start

As an expert

Login on the portal //cloud.apizee.com1 with a compatible browser then enter your username and password.

You are then available to receive video calls.

You can also contact a technician via the directory.

For more information, you can consult the guide utilisateur.

As an on-site technician

You are a technician and you want to share the situation in video with an expert of your company.

You have an Android, IOS or Windows smartphone or tablet

Login on the portal //cloud.apizee.com1 with a compatible browser then enter your username and password.

You are then available to receive video calls from other users.

You can contact an expert via the directory.

You can start a conference with multiple participants via the Conference menu.

For more information, you can consult the guide utilisateur.


As a technician in charge of an inspection

You are a technician and you want to start a new inspection.

You have a tablet or a Windows PC.

Login on the portal //cloud.apizee.com1 with a compatible browser then enter your username and password.

From the home, you can start a new inspection through the Inspection menu.

For more information, you can consult the guide d’utilisation des inspections

4. Installation


Thanks to the technological base WebRTC our applications are 100% web and do not require any plugin or download on the main Internet browsers.

Our solution simply requires the use of a compatible browser

5. License & Terms of Use


You will find the legal notice here : Legal notice.


6. User Accounts


To access the Apizee Diag solution, you must have a user account.

The company administrator can very easily create and manage user accounts, within the limits of available licenses.

A role is assigned to each user, with specific rights (technician, expert, supervisor, administrator). Specific roles can also be created for your business.

More information on creating users and roles, you can read the part Creation and management of accounts

7. Personalization


Many options are at your disposal to allow you to customize our service and adapt it to your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information : Contact us.

8. Monitoring

List of calls

You can view the list of calls between users over a given period as well as the number of minutes consumed over a given period. 

List of media

You can consult the list of media – photos / videos exchanged during the expert sessions.

Media can be tagged to be grouped or found more easily.

 List of inspections

You can consult the published inspections.


9. Terminology

  • Technician

Company user in charge of analyzes, inspections or on-site repairs.

  • Expert

Company user with business expertise.

  • Inspection

List of tasks to perform or points to control in a system, a machine …

  • Inspection point

Checkpoint of an inspection.

  • Inspection model

Model that defines the structure of an inspection, the checklist and the information to be completed for each inspection point.

  • Inspection style

Style to define how the inspection reports will be generated.

10. System requirements

For the minimum system requirements, please refer to our FAQ and more specifically to the following paragraphs:



1. Custom domain

Note : cloud.apizee.com ou votre nom de domaine (url, adresse internet)

Il est possible que votre entreprise ou bien votre projet bénéficie d'un nom de domaine spécifique. Ainsi au lieu de saisir : cloud.apizee.com, vous pouvez taper par exemple : monentreprise.apizee.com ou monprojet.apizee.com ou bien encore cloud-sante.monentreprise.fr et obtenir le même service et ce potentiellement avec une personnalisation graphique ou fonctionnelle. C'est pour quoi il se peut que des différences existent entre votre produit et notre documentation.

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