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Supervisory Guide

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Who is this Supervisor Guide for?

I am a supervisor of a company, I access the different exchanges between agents and customers.


What will I find in this User Guide?

  • What is the role of the supervisor?
  • Description of the different functions
    •  posts
    •  Offline messages
    •  call
    •  visitors
    •  Contact
    •  monitoring
      • Daily reports
      • Monthly reports
      • Visitor Statistics
      • Agent Statistics
      • Interaction statistics


What is the role of the supervisor?

Thanks to my supervisor status I can see all the chats that the counselors have exchanged with the clients as well as the global statistics on the chats. To do this I go to the side menu, in the Customer Engagement section  where I have access to different tabs.


  • Description of the different functions

    • posts


Here I find all the chats exchanged by the counselors with the visitors.

I can filter by date (1), filter by advisor (2), export discussions (3) and search for terms in all chats (4).

I can perform several actions on the chat box:

View the details of the session  :


This section allows me to have information about the visitor:

His profile: to be filled in if one wishes to be able to recognize him during his next visit (see the section Creating the visitor profile below ).

Its session: this part informs about the date of first connection of the visitor on the site, on which site he connected, the adviser with whom he exchanged, his operating system, his browser and finally the compatibility with the technology WebRTC.

Its page views, on the site (s).

The discussions he had with the councilors as well as the media if he shared them.

Its location: informed by its IP address.


Send the conversation by mail  :

When I click on the envelope icon, I receive the copy of the chat on my email address.


Create the visitor profile


In this box I indicate the name of the visitor, his email, his phone. I can also add notes, to recognize the visitor at his next login.

    • Offline messages


Offline messages are messages left when no agent is logged in or the site is closed.

However I can, if I wish, disable this system so that customers can not leave me messages offline. Just like Messages  I can filter by date, by advisor, export discussions and search for terms in all chats.


    • call


This section allows me to have information on the calls that were made in the box. We find the filter banner as in the previous sections, a summary at the top in blue as well as information on the call itself.


I can see the conversation ID, start time, call duration, caller ID, nickname (if it was filled in the visitor profile ), ID of the caller called (the agent), the nickname of the called party (the agent), the state of the call and finally the reason why the call ended.


    • visitors


In this section I find all visitor information.

As on all tabs I find the filter banner and other information specific to visitors of the site (s).

I find the number of the visitor, the duration since his first visit, the site visited, the agent presented on the chat box when he was on the page (even if he did not speak to him), the user, as well as the number of pages viewed. On this page I can once again fill in the visitor information if necessary by clicking on the +  blue button .

In the example below the first visitor has already been created (Mathieu), the second is to create.



The Action part  corresponds to the Display details of the session section  seen above in the Messages section .

    • Contact


In the contact section, I find the visitors for whom some information was filled (name email, phone and / or notes).

The green magnifier brings me back to the Visitors page .

The green bubble refers me to the cat (s) of this visitor in the Messages section ,

The pen returns to the Visitor Profile  and the red bin allows me to delete information about the visitor.


    • monitoring

  • Daily reports

This part allows me to have a daily overview of page views, visitors, messages (chats), calls and SMS from my company.

The filter banner allows me to filter by date and export all information in CSV format.

When I click on the green magnifying glass  I am returned to the Visitors tab .


  • Monthly reports

This part allows me to have a monthly global view of the pageviews, visitors, messages (chats), calls and reminders of the Internet users of my company.


  • Visitor Statistics

Visitor statistics allow me to filter my visits by date and display them on graphs for a global and visual view.

The example below shows the results of the last week’s data.



  • Agent Statistics

This section allows me to have information about the responses on my agents. I can apply different date filters.

I can see the response times, the number of unanswered discussions. The Visits part brings  me back to the Visitors menu .


  • Interaction statistics

This section allows me to compare by Day and Hour: the number of chats, the number of chats, the number of offline messages, the response time and the number of chats. Everything can be filtered by advisor and by date and can be displayed as a graph.

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