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Agent Guide

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Who is this Agent Guide for?

I am in charge of answering the chats of the visitors on the site of my company, this guide is addressed to me.

What will I find in this User Guide?

  • What is the role of the agent?
  • Chat box
  • settings
  • Chat transfer
  • History of chats

What is the role of the agent?

Any visitor can start a chat while on the company website.

The agent’s role is to respond to visitors’ chats.


Chat box

To receive chats I need to be logged into my account cloud.apizee.com 1

When a visitor starts a chat, the box appears like this:


I respond to the visitor by writing in the space provided:  Type your message here .


I can call the visitor by clicking on the Audio Call button only :

I also have the possibility to call it in video (audio + video) by clicking on the button Video call :

If I want to start a video recording of the conversation, I click the Remote Video Record button  :

I can send files to the visitor by clicking the Transfer File button :

I can start a whiteboard to draw by clicking Open Whiteboard :

I have the option to share my screen with the visitor, using the Start screen sharing button :

I can finally invite the visitor to share his screen, by clicking on the button Request screen sharing :


I also have 2 blue icons:

  • the Settings button allows me to access different settings (audio and video devices, notification tones, desktop notifications)



 Peripheral settings, ringtones changes, desktop notifications:

From the chatbox, I click on the Settings button  .

I have access to 3 icons:

  • The screen icon allows me to enable / disable desktop notifications
  • the camera icon allows me to adjust my sound and video devices
  • the music note icon allows me to change the sounds of notifications.



Chat transfer

When I click on the directory icon, I see the list of available advisers.

I click on a contact and then on  Transfer to transmit the content of the chat.

History of chats

In the Customer Engagement section, I click Messages to access the history of my chats.


I can filter my chats over different periods and search the discussions for information I want to find.


1. Custom domain

Note: cloud.apizee.com or your domain name (url, internet address)

It is possible that your company or your project has a specific domain name. So instead of entering: cloud.apizee.com , you can type for example:  mycompany.apizee.com  or myproject.apizee.com or even cloud-health.mycompany.com and get the same service and this potentially with customization graphic or functional. That’s why there may be differences between your product and our documentation.

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