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Account creation

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  • Introduction
  • Access to the Apizee Cloud
  • Enable IzeeChat
  • User information


This describes the installation process of Apizee Contact.

Access to the Apizee Cloud

At first, log in with your account on our platform //cloud.apizee.com.

If you do not have an account on our platform, you have the possibility to create one. Click on the “Create your account” button and fill out the form.

A message will confirm your registration. An email will be sent (to the address used for registration), to validate your registration.

– Then enter your account password via the proposed form.

Activate Contact

To display the chat box on your site, you must create your site :

– Fill in the different fields of the site creation form and click on ‘Save’.
A page with the following information is then presented to you:

You must now integrate this module.

Site configuration

This page will give you a site key of 32 characters (letters and numbers). This key is the link between your site and your cloud account:

Copy and paste these lines on your site:

<script type = "text / javascript" src = "// cloud.apizee.com/contactBox/loaderIzeeChat.js"> </ script>
<script> loaderIzeeChat ("[YOUR SITE KEY]"); </ script>

Your box will appear on your site in case at least one agent is connected.

User information

You can define your own appUserID and your own Nickname via the params object as below:

<script type = "text / javascript" src = "// cloud.apizee.com/contactBox/loaderIzeeChat.js"> </ script>
var params = {
appsUserId: 852669,
nickname: 'John Doe',
loaderIzeeChat ("[YOUR SITE KEY]", params);
</ Script>


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