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1. Basics

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Humanize the digital customer relationship on your website with Apizee Contact.

With WebRTC technology, your customers can interact with your agents including video, directly from your web page, and without installing any software.


Apizee Contact helps you to target high-potential visitors, engage them in a proactive or reactive way and facilitate their conversion, boosting your sales, loyalty rates and customer satisfaction.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Main features
  3. Getting Started Guide
  4. Installation
  5. License and terms of use
  6. User Accounts
  7. Personalization
  8. Monitoring
  9. Definitions
  10. Technical prerequisites


1. Introduction

This document describes the Apizee Contact solution for managing real-time customer interactions and its associated features.


2. Main features




With Apizee Contact filter your visitors according to the pages visited, the number of pages, the time spent on the site or your personalized criteria. Focus on high value visitors.

  • Behavioral filtering

Filter the profiles of your visitors thanks to personalized criteria (pages visited, time spent, number of pages viewed).

  • Geolocation of visitors

Understand the context of visit of your Internet users: visualize in real time their country of origin, their material, or their browser.

  • CRM integration

Integrate Apizee Contact with your CRM via our APIs.


Customer commitment


Innovate in your customer relationship: chat with your users on video!

  • Click to video

Start the conversation in live text chat and then switch to video at any time for even more human and personalized contact. Take your visitors by the hand through screen sharing and document sharing.

  • Lead Generation

Manage the availability of your advisors with a single click. Plan your availabilities by time range. When you are unavailable, an automatic form allows you to collect the email address and messages of your visitors, optimizing your lead generation process.

  • Automatic routing and skills management

Your advisors are automatically assigned to your visitors based on criteria of skills, presence and priorities. They interact simultaneously with customers browsing different distinct websites from a single web console..




Measure the performance of your site and the performance of your advisors from the same 100% web management console.

  • User satisfaction

Evaluate user satisfaction with satisfaction questionnaires

  • Agent performance

Measure the effectiveness of your customer relationship team: lost calls, response time, presence.

  • Visit statistics

Identify the preferred means of engagement, measure time distribution and page views to better allocate your resources.

  • Conversation history

Improve the support provided to regular users of the site by instantly accessing past conversations. Export the data to an analytical system to improve your customer’s knowledge.

  • Recording audio-video chats

Customized integrations


Possibility of integration with contact center platforms, personalized video experience with the brand image of the company, deployment on terminals of contacts or customer space.


3. Getting Started Guide


To subscribe to an offer I go on //apizee.com/fr/interactions-clients/#tarifs.

To subscribe I choose the offer corresponding to my need. I am returned to the subscription page:

When I have filled all the information I receive a validation email, I have to click on the link to validate my account.

I must then configure my password.


At my first connection on Apizee I arrive on the page of creation of a site for the installation of the box of cat. I fill in the site name and a domain name.


I arrive on the page allowing me to add the chat box to my site. To do this I have several possibilities:

  1. Use the plugin for a site developed with a CMS
  2. Use the lines of code to add in my site.


Once everything is installed on my site I just connect to cloud.apizee.com to be able to respond to customers who want to chat with me.

Depending on your role in the use of our solution, a user guide is dedicated to you:

Administration guide

Supervisory guide

Agent guide


4. Installation


Thanks to the technological base WebRTC our applications are 100% web and do not require any plugin or download on the main Internet browsers.

Our solution simply requires the use of a compatible browser.


5. License & Terms of Use


You will find the legal notice here : Legal notice.

6. User Accounts


To access the Apizee solution, you must have a user account.

The company administrator can very easily create and manage user accounts, within the limits of available licenses.

A role is assigned to each user, with specific rights (technician, expert, supervisor, administrator). Specific roles can also be created for your business.

You will find more information on creating users in the part Administration.

7. Personalization


Many options are at your disposal to allow you to customize our service and adapt it to your needs.

For more information, please feel free to contact us : contact us.


8. Monitoring


For more information, contact us.


9. Terminology


  • Text message exchanged between 2 users are available to respond to Internet chats


  • Person who answers chats or calls from users


  • Person who supervises the activity of the agents

Opening time

  • The hours during which agents are working

10. System requirements

For the minimum system requirements, please refer to our FAQ and more specifically to the following paragraphs:


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