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3. Administration

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Create a user account

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Administrators have several menus reserved for them.

The first one allows to create users. To do so, I go to the menu Enterprise then Users.

I click Add User.



For the creation of users 3 choices available to me.

  1. With confirmation by email

When I enter the email address of the user I want to create, an email will be sent to him, asking him to create his password.

  1. Without confirmation by email

If I create a new user without confirmation by email, I am responsible for assigning him a password.

I can choose to assign a password created randomly by clicking on the Generate icon.

  1. From a CSV file

The use of the CSV import method is generally used for the creation of many user accounts.

Once the account is created, I must give the user the permissions I want (Agent, Supervisor, Administrator, Expert). I come back for this on the Users page.



I activate or deactivate the roles by clicking on the ON / OFF button.

To know the specificities of each role, I refer to the part referring to it.

Note: For the chat module, only the supervisor and agent roles are useful (the Expert role is not used in the chat module).

Once the user has created I can click on the pencil button to add additional information on each of the accounts. Some fields are required:

In the Settings tab I indicate the maximum number of chats that the agents can handle simultaneously.

Create my Website entry

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For counselors to be able to respond to cats, they must act as agents (see the above method)

To create the site I go to Administration> Configuration and then Services management.

Then I click on Add a site




I fill in the necessary information. The help information to remember to which site I assign the chat box. The addresses do not need to be strictly identical to my real site.

I validate and go to the Manual Installation page.


I can finally add the chat box to my website. I can use GCS plugins for different CMS available.

If I develop my own site I can add directly the lines listed before the tag at the bottom of the HTML page.

I can also verify that my configuration is good by clicking Test my module after defining the agents that will respond to the chats. 

Assign the agents that will answer the chat box

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To configure the agents that will respond to chats I return to the Services management menu. I can see that my site is created, I right click on the pencil button

I click on Configure in the green part Consultants. In this menu I will be able to assign the agents who will answer the chats, by assigning them different priorities.

To allow my agents to reply to chats I select them by clicking on their name and I drag them in the right column according to the chosen priority

The agents I define in High priority will be more visible on the chat than those defined in Low priority.

When this is done, I can go to the Services management section and I can Test the module when my agents are connected.

Configure the opening hours

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Add the time slots or holidays during which the agents will be available to answer to your Website chats messages.

Outside of these hours/days, the agents are considered as unavailable: The messages sent by visitors will display in the left menu of the Apizee portal, in the Offline messages tab.

Time slots

  1. In the left-hand menu, click Configuration then, Opening hours.
  2. Click Add a schedule.
  3. Choose a day of the week, a start time and an end time, enter the name of this time slot under the Label field.
  4. Click Save.


If you company is closed at certain times of the year:

  1. Click Type of specific days.
  2. Click Add a day.
  3. Enter a name for this kind of day, for example: Holidays, Annual closed season,…
  4. Click Save.
    The new input displays in the list.
  5. Click the pen on the right to change it.
  6. Click List of days for this day type.
  7. Click Add an exception.
  8. Enter a name and a date the, click Save.

Adapt the time slots for a particular Website

If you have several Websites and you want to display different opening hours from your company ones.

  1. In the left-hand menu, click Configuration then, Services management.
  2. Find the Website that you want to change the opening hours then, click the pen.
  3. Under Advanced configuration, in Opening hours, click Configure.
  4. Follow the steps below, under Time slots and Holidays chapters.

Upgrade the subscription offer

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I want to change offer because I want to add additional advisers. To do this I go to Company -> Users. I can see the red banner at the top which states that I have assigned all the licenses for my subscription to Apizee Contact. I press Add.

I then arrive on the subscription page.

I want to modify my offer Apizee Contact, I click on Edit.

I want to add 2 users. I therefore directly modify the number of users in the form. Then I have 2 options when paying for my subscription, the monthly payment or the annual subscription. The advantage of the annual subscription is the discounted rate.

I wish to subscribe to the monthly offer, I fill in the information necessary for my order.

Finally I validate by indicating my credit card number
When the upgrade is done, I can add new users [see chapter: Create a User account]

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