1. Basics

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The Apizee Diag solution, combined with the Invitation option, is a solution without installation which allows users, customers or technicians to be assisted remotely using video assistance.


With a single click, the solution gives the possibility of sending an invitation by SMS or email to a client or user. Thanks to the link received, the client (or user) shares their camera with an advisor or an expert who has direct visual access to the problem, as if they were there. During video interaction, the agent can use collaborative tools to highlight elements, give instructions to the client, transmit files or documentation to reach a faster and more efficient resolution.


By giving users the opportunity to show and share their environment with an expert or customer service in real time, you reduce costs and avoid trips of technicians to the customer.


Live video support Visio-assistance client



  1. Introduction
  2. Key features
  3. Start
  4. Installation
  5. License and terms of use
  6. User accounts
  7. Personalization
  8. Monitoring
  9. Terminology
  10. System requirements


1. Introduction

This document describes the Invitation option of the Apizee Diag solution for customer support and its associated functionalities.

2. Key features

HD Video

HD video sessions started with a single click by sending an email or SMS invitation

No installation required

Multi-terminal accessibility (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.)


Ticket management system

Support request management interface displaying the status of each request, the technician assigned to the ticket, the history and the media exchanged during each interaction.


Collaborative features

Remote photo taking, video pointer, document sharing, whiteboard (drawings and annotations).


Reporting functionality

Recording and storage of sessions, satisfaction surveys after intervention, statistics module.



Geolocation of the requester’s terminal, geolocation and timestamp of the media exchanged during the sessions.


3. Start


In the  User Guide  you will find all the information to use our solution.


4. Installation


Thanks to the technological base WebRTC, our solutions are 100% web and require no plugin or download on the main Internet browsers.

Our solution simply requires the use of a compatible browser.


5. License & terms of use


You will find the legal notice here: Legal notice.


6. User accounts


To access the Apizee solution, you must have a user account.

The company administrator can very easily create and manage user accounts, subject to the availability of licenses.

A role is assigned to each user, with specific rights (technician, expert, supervisor, administrator). Specific roles can also be created for your company.

You will find more information on creating users in the Administration section .


7. Personalization


Many options are available to allow you to customize our service and adapt it to your needs.

For more information, contact us .


8. Monitoring


For more information on Monitoring options,  Contact us .


9. Terminology


  • Support company

A support company is a company that provides assistance to a customer using the Apizee ticket system.


  • Client / applicant

The customer or the applicant is the person benefiting from the assistance of a support company.


  • Ticket system

The ticket (or event) system created by Apizee is a system allowing customers to create requests for assistance from a support company, via the Apizee solution. The tickets have a life cycle defined by the support company, according to its management criteria. Ticket management is accompanied by notifications to the requester, the ticket agent and the agent’s supervisor.


  • Ticket

A ticket (or event) begins with a request for assistance from the customer. The ticket goes through different statuses, defined by the company, according to its needs.


  • Notification

The ticket system is accompanied by a number of notifications, informing the requester, agent and / or supervisor, of the status of the ticket.


  • User

A user is a person using one of our Apizee products, having an account on an Apizee platform. A user can benefit from rights according to his role. It can be linked to one or more user groups.


  • User group

A user group is used to group users and assign responsibility for handling actions to a group of users. For example, a created ticket is assigned by default to a user group, so the system can send follow-up notifications to the supervisor of this group.


  • Agent

An agent is a user responsible for customer relations. He is considered a representative of the company and can be called by chat, audio or video call, video conference.

He can invite and be invited to participate in conferences.

The agent can create a new event if he is in direct contact with the client.

When his supervisor assigns him a ticket, he is in charge of processing the request for assistance by inviting the requester to a assistance session.

The agent does not see information about tickets or discussions from other agents.


  • Supervisor

A supervisor is a user who has the rights to notify and monitor the activities of the user group to which he is attached. He has the same rights as an agent. As a supervisor and must be able to carry out the tasks of his agents if necessary.

A supervisor has the right to consult statistics and monitoring information on active functionalities.


  • Administrator

An administrator, within the framework of Apizee products, is a user who has the rights to manage subscriptions and options of the company contract. He can create users and configure assistance options to adjust the Apizee solution to his business needs.


10. System requirements


For the minimum system requirements, please refer to our FAQ and more specifically to the following paragraphs:

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